A URL shortener and email service for FurShows.org creators to help grow their brand.


Become a creator, and claim your @fursho.ws email address *coming soon.


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Privacy First – For viewers who like a little more privacy.
The option to set a none tracking service cookie, or an anonymous browser plugin setting, to ensure reduced analytics collection. – fursho.ws links clicked from anywhere online or entered manually go through x.fursho.ws automatically, no need to manually append them with x.
Creator Email – Contact a FurShows creator, anywhere anytime.
Exploring the metaverse?, hanging out in VR?,  at work? your kitchen? give your favourite creator some much needed love and let them know you care through many devices.
Get automated and custom responses to FAQ questions, send them a free e-card for any event through us. Initiate a positive interaction, Or just send your own regular email.
Subscribers get priority in message notifications, want to be heard? get subbed.